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On the Portal you will find answers to all questions related to mortgage, registration and after-sales services of real estate. Our partners guarantee full legal support for investments and assistance in obtaining a residence permit.



We offer luxury investments and LUXURY real estate in different countries of the world!

Would you like to have a villa in the Canaries? Or in Cannes? Or maybe in Thailand? Do you think about profitable money investments? There are many ways to invest capital, and one of the most profitable - INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE ABROAD - IT IS STABLE AND HIGHLY RENTABLE! Your money will be safe and secure, and even will increase!


Portal LuxInvest offers real estate investment programs in different countries of the world: the purchase and construction of residential real estate, hotels, commercial centers and etc., with wholly owned or equity participation.


On the Portal you will find numerous offers of ready-made business or commercial real estate abroad: hotels, supermarkets, SPAs, restaurants and entertainment centers, which will bring fairly high dividends, while not requiring everyday close attention, since there are all kinds of management companies.


1. Our partners have offers of elite properties, closed door sales properties and auctions properties!

2. When buying a business or various investment properties - our partners fully accompany the entire process: from data verification, business plan development, execution to management or selection of a management company.

3. Assistance in the construction of any real estate in all countries: from the creation and coordination of the project, construction, land registration to entry into operation!

4. Consultations and assistance in matters of residence permit, permanent residence, adaptation procedures when moving.

5. Our partners provide legal, financial, trust services and work on tax and financial planning by registering and servicing international business companies in different countries, opening bank accounts, and international auditing.

6. FULL SERVICE for foreign investments - from the selection of offers, registration of property to maintenance and control over investments.

7. Seminars and articles on foreign investment.


Residential Properties

On LuxInvest Portal you will find the best offers in terms of price-quality ratio. The individuality in dealing with your request will surprise you!


The motive for buying a home abroad may be the desire to secure your future. Owning real estate in a country with a stable economic and political life, in case of any disasters at home, a person can go abroad to his “second” home. Acquisition of dwelling in other countries is a good investment. It can be bought for rental or for posterior resale at a higher price. An apartment on the coast can be used for vacation, and the rest of the year it can be well rented out.


In search of real estate abroad, which will fit your budget, it is useful to study the general price trends of real estate in the country. It is especially recommended for those who purchase a villa or an apartment as an investment and in the future is planning to sell it at a higher price. In this case, it is important to be sure that the real estate market and housing prices will not collapse over the next few years. 


Commercial real estate

On our Portal you will be able to select the desired offers for investment in commercial real estate: from the construction of shopping and other centers to the acquisition of finished buildings with a full cycle of rental business, the organization of the operation of the real estate and management.


Ready business

Finding a profitable investment in a ready-made business is not an easy task, but the Portal partners have a lot of experience and accumulated knowledge and the obtained positive results of acquired companies make it possible to say that these people know how to make the right choice and our customers' investments will be justified and will not only pay off in a short time, but they will bring a steady income in the future.


Turnkey Business Organization

Only specialists who are familiar with the legal, tax and other specific aspects can foresee all the nuances in the organization of business in the desired country. LuxInvest partners - companies from different countries with the best reputation and professionals in this field who can organize a turnkey business or update a ready-made business, taking into account wishes of the client. 


Investment in management

Selection of investment projects providing capital growth, control and management of investments.


Investment projects

For those who are looking for investments: the presentation of investment projects for the study and search for investors. For investors: careful selection and provision of projects and a detailed study of the profitability of investments.


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In the LuxInvest catalogue you can see various offers of luxury real estate and investments in all parts of the world!


For your convenience, we have created an advanced search by various criteria. In the catalogue you will find: the sale and construction of residential real estate, offers of plots of land, projects for the construction of villas, cottages and residential complexes, commercial real estate, ready-made turnkey business and other offers.


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