About LuxInvest Portal

LuxInvest Luxury Real Estate Portal for Russian-speaking, English-speaking and Spanish-speaking sellers and buyers has the following advantages:


- a large database of real estate around the world is constantly updated and increased by new interesting offers

- there are offers in the most sought-after regions and cities

- high requirements for the published properties that are of most interest for customers: real estate by the sea, in cities with developed infrastructure, high investment attractiveness, etc.

- the best selection system with a large number of criteria that helps you choose the best offers according to the characteristics desired.

- competitive prices of real estate, because properties are offered by sellers, developers and banks, with discounts and urgent sales

- the fastest request responses

- a complete and high-quality service of providing all necessary information to both potential buyers and sellers


Our task: to help you in choosing the best luxury property at the best price!


LuxInvest Portal is an online resource designed to help those who are looking for real estate to buy abroad, whether it is a house, a plot of land or an investment project, as well as for those who want to sell it.


This is an international project with a huge updated database, incorporating properties from around the world.


Portal LuxInvest has a two-way focus, as it is designed to establish communication between the two interested parties.


Probably it is no secret to anyone how real estate abroad has been popular in recent years. Millions of people travel abroad every year, many of them soon decide to buy a home in another country.


Portal users can easily find out everything concerning buying property abroad. For this, LuxInvest Portal has a very extensive database of real estate properties around the world. In order for you to be able to find out the price level for a particular type of property, to find out everything that the “One-day Realtors” do not tell you, and be fully aware of property market situation.


The LuxInvest Portal team works every day to increase the database of real estate and provide decent information support by regularly publishing news articles, changes in legislation and taxation. We want the users of our site to have a real choice, not its semblance.


On the other hand, LuxInvest Portal is an excellent tool for sellers who want to find buyers for their properties as soon as possible.


We have been working hard at LuxInvest Portal for a long time and sincerely hope that it will become a worthy assistant for buyers and sellers.


Our goal is to make our site one of the best portals in the world, convenient and effective for all its users.


Take a look at the BIG REAL ESTATE CATALOGUE and Real Estate Catalogue for Agents and choose the real estate for your taste!


Our partners provide legal, financial, trust services and works on tax and financial planning by registering and servicing international business companies in different countries, opening bank accounts and international auditing.



To maintain the reputation of high-quality customer service, we constantly monitor the work of partners and Portal employees. We want our customers to be pleased to cooperate with us all the time!


We are always happy to assist you in choosing real estate in different countries of the world!


History of LuxInvest Portal


LuxInvest International Portal has existed since 2002 and has established itself in the overseas property market as the most convenient, developed and advanced system for searching and selecting real estate in different countries. This is a reliable site with qualified personnel, and the most competitive prices for real estate.


In recent years LuxInvest Portal has taken a leading position in the international real estate market.


The Portal has become a kind of reference for the sale of luxury real estate. Also on our Portal you can find a large amount of useful information about living abroad, about visas and a residence permit, about the costs of buying and maintaining real estate.


During many years of experience, a circle of partners has been formed in 70 countries, whom we trust absolutely and who we recommend to our clients.


There is an office in the city of Benidorm in Spain, because this city is a major tourist center and is located in the north of the Costa Blanca - on the best coast of Spain.


We continue to develop the international luxury property market.


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Sincerely yours,

Administration of International Real Estate Portal LuxInvest


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