Construction of real estate in different countries of the world



It is useful to note that it is often more profitable to build a house on your own land than to buy a ready-made property.

In this case, you can design and build a house, taking into account all the important nuances and wishes.

You will be able to realize your dream to the smallest details.


The first step is to choose a plot of land and find out its purpose.

Then, it is necessary to obtain information about the connected communications, including electricity, water supply and sewage.


On our website you can find various plots of land in any country of the world.


Acquisition of land and construction abroad is, first of all, a profitable investment.


The maximum construction period of a villa is usually one and a half years from the moment of agreeing on the conditions and signing the contract, but it all depends on the project and your wishes.


The next step is the choice of the project and design. On our Portal you can get acquainted with various projects and designs from the best professionals in their fields. At your request, and in most cases, you can prepare a project in your country of residence, after which, legalize it in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the chosen country.


Then, you need to select the appropriate building materials and calculate the estimate of the entire project. The developer of the project you have chosen will help you decide on the choice of materials and will assist in the preparation of estimates.


Then the architect and the general contractor collect all the documents and submit the project for consideration to the appropriate authority.

Construction time depends on the project and on average ranges from seven months to one and a half years. Developer gives you a certificate of warranty for construction works.


On our LuxInvest Portal you will find:


- reliable partners in the construction and repair of finished properties around the world;

- companies that provide service in the field of reconstruction and repair of real estate in various price categories in accordance with your requirements and wishes.


Construction companies will offer you both individual projects for development taking into account all your wishes, as well as ready-made projects from the best architects.


In our catalogue we publish the following types of construction:


1) Residential buildings:


- brick construction of “DeLuxe” class villas;

- block construction of villas;

- monolithic construction of villas;

- apartment buildings;


2) Commercial and industrial premises:


- warehouses, production workshops;

- restaurants and food establishments;

- shops and shopping centers;

- hotel complexes;


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How to save money on buying a villa? How to buy a villa at prime cost?

Today it is possible when buying a villa for renovation.


We offer you a new program for investment and saving when buying villas, townhouses and apartments:

In this case, it is possible to save a substantial amount of money, in contradistinction to buying or building a finished villa! This is possible when acquiring real estate for reconstruction and carrying out construction works with minimal investments.

The advantages of this type of acquisition:

1) Significant saving when buying!

2) Own design or design works according to your wishes.

3) Quality assurance of materials, as well as of repair, construction and electrical works.

4) No need for cosmetic repairs in the next 5-10 years (which is always required when buying real estate on the secondary housing market and offers from banks).

5) In the case of a sale, you can get a good profit, since the market value of such properties in finished form is much higher.

6) Often villas for renovation are sold at the price of land.


On our LuxInvest Portal there are villas for renovation, apartments and townhouses for restoration and cosmetic repairs, which you can find in our catalogue.


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At your request, LuxInvest Alliance partners can propose you other interesting offers.


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